The implementation of a tailored Technology Solution is only the beginning of our relationship with our clients. The attribute that most sets MEI apart from our competition is our unsurpassed level of support and maintenance, after the sale. It's no accident that we've developed a reputation of being nearly indispensible to our clients continued technology existance.

Continual monitoring of our clients systems, both programatically and hands-on, results in systems that always run at peak efficiency and enjoy a minimum of downtime. The care MEI takes in constantly peering into the inner workings of our clients networked computer systems, evaluating their current condition and taking adequate preventive action, ensures that productivity is maximized at all times. Off hours updates, reboots and other services allow uninterrupted operations during normal business hours which translates to cost savings and better workflow for your company.

Hardware Maintenance Agreements offered by MEI ensure that costs for service, repairs and disaster recovery are both controlled and predictable, giving you peace of mind knowing that no matter what failures may occur in your system, MEI will be there to get things back in order as fast as possible. Under the HMA, MEI provides normal system administration services including backup monitoring, user and security configurations, desktop support and virtually any other issues that arise during the normal use of your systems. In cases where other vendors, usually software vendors, provide direct support, MEI staff work closely with them to ensure expeditious resolution to every issue.

In cases where our clients systems are large and complex enough, and where the number of employees justifies the need, MEI provides part-time and full-time onsite staffing to ensure continued, smooth operation of your computer systems.

As an extension to the hands-on support MEI provides, we also offer internet services including SPAM filtering, e-mail Relay, e-mail address pre-qualification, e-mail BCC service, MRTG Bandwidth monitoring and IPSentry Server/Connectivity/Services monitoring.

Combined, the Support Services offered by MEI create an environment in which communication between our clients and us is near constant, which results in an extremely high state of awareness and an intimate involvement with your systems. This state allows us to make sure that your systems operate continuously, efficiently and productively as well as give us enough real-time information to make almost daily judgements regarding their health and ability to perform their function. This translates to us being able to tell you when your systems are nearing their end-of-life BEFORE they do, thus preventing disasters. This pro-active approach to system management is one of MEI's hallmarks that has saved countless dollars in both unanticipated expenses as well as downtime.

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