Is your Office Manager troubleshooting the daily litany of computer complaints instead of managing? Is your Director of Human Resources crawling under desks and swapping cables instead of dealing with employees? Let them focus on their jobs by having one of our seasoned computer pros assigned to your place of business full- or part-time for less than you ever thought possible.

You may not be aware of how much time and energy is spent tending to your IT needs. Think of the increase in office productivity and peace of mind you could enjoy by leaving the IT work to the IT Professionals:
  • Costly downtime is virtually eliminated as your onsite technician can respond to emergencies instantly. No more interminable waits on the telephone for technical support. You’ll speak with your IT Pro face-to-face and show her what the problem is.
  • Your technician will be familiar with the specifics of your network, your software applications and your priorities. But, most importantly, she'll get to know your people as individuals and how to communicate with them. Your employees will work with someone they recognize, rather than whoever shows up that day.
  • Your onsite technician will regularly monitor the speed and volume of traffic on your network, instantly resolving slowdowns and bottlenecks.
  • No more waiting for repairs and upgrades to your workstations and network hardware. Software installations, upgrades and patches can be done immediately.
  • Daily data backups are monitored and maintained, and restoring lost data is no problem.

    Your onsite technician has no other distractions; she is there for YOU. The well-being of your technology is her only concern. And since no single person is an expert in every computer-related discipline, your IT Professional has the complete resources of MEI Technologies at her disposal. That means a team of professionals with individual specializations as well as broad experience across many business types. This gives us great depth of knowledge in virtually all IT situations.

    So, unlike most mid-to-large businesses which must rely on an in-house staff to handle all areas of specialization, MEI is available to assist your onsite technician, thus eliminating the expense of an entire IT crew. And, in an emergency, our team is standing by with server replacements, spare parts and many years of troubleshooting experience to draw upon. Your network will never run more quickly or reliably.

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