Upon completion of Network Discovery, MEI is able to present a written report identifying the current IT needs and future goals of the client and a detailed plan for meeting these needs.

Often, these needs include the following:
  • Providing office-wide Internet Access supporting e-mail and web browsing;
  • Providing a stable and uniform infrastructure that will allow staff to easily connect to an office-wide system to gain access to resources such as e-mail, Internet access, documents, databases and other programs including office management systems, client management systems, accounting systems, etc.
  • Providing adequate protection of the in-house technology systems from unwanted intrusion by Internet Hackers using reliable Firewall hardware and software;
  • Providing the ability to monitor and restrict Internet usage by staff members;
  • Providing streamlined, database solutions to increase efficiency and productivity;
  • Providing adequate training for staff members to ensure maximized use of technology;
  • Providing Document Management planning enabling efficient storage and retrieval of client-based records and business documents;
  • Providing the means for new users, local or remote, to easily gain access to all IT resources;
  • Providing reliable, consistent data integrity plans including routine backup and off-site data archival.
To meet these needs, as well as others that are identified during the Network Discovery process, MEI implements a wide array of current computer equipment and software designed specifically for these needs. The technologies employed are designed to maximize productivity while minimizing costs and ensuring that current technology investments are long-term.

The technologies most often deployed include products from horizontal market industry leaders such as Microsoft, Hewlett-Packard, Standard Microsystems, SuperMicro, Intel, IBM, Maxtor, Iomega, Watchguard and Symantec to name a few. Vertical Market solutions partnered with by MEI include products from vendors including Applied Systems and AMS (Insurance Agency Management Systems), Chesapeake Interlink (Law Office Automation Systems) and Peachtree (General Accounting Systems).

MEI also provides software solutions from our own arsenal of products including e-commerce web sites, dynamic content distribution systems, application password management systems, market-specific systems for the Foreclosure and Title Insurance industries.

MEI also develops customized database applications for our clients meeting data retention and reporting requirements with an emphasis on streamlining workflows and productivity.

Using state-of-the-art technologies including Windows Server products (Exchange Server, SQL Server, Terminal Server) and Watchguard VPN products, systems are designed to operate at peak efficiency today, require minimal support and, most importantly, keep operating costs at a minimum. In addiditon, using these technologies provides for extremely long-life for todays technology investments as well as easy upgrade and migration to newer technologies that become available in the future.

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