ARCHIVES is a fully data based, customizable web site developed using industry standard web development tools including PHP and MySQL. It’s optimized to run on Unix servers and is offered in conjunction with web hosting services provided by MEI Technology Consulting, Inc.

ARCHIVES is designed with ease-of-use in mind, for both the end user as well as the site manager, or web master. It is designed for use as a tool to archive and provide information including pictures, documents, sound, video and text via an easy-to-navigate system that doesn’t rely upon browser add-on’s such as Java and Active-X thus keeping the site compatible with the greatest range of users possible.

ARCHIVES fully supports high-end graphics products including FLASH allowing for a state-of-the art look-and feel to be incorporated into your web site.

ARCHIVES specializes in making the process of adding to and updating your web site simple, requiring little or no knowledge of complicated web and computer languages such as HTML.

ARCHIVES Highlights
  • Hierarchal Data Base Structure provides unlimited presentation options for data in content areas, menus, etc. Allows for easy manipulation and/or restructuring of information including pictures and text.
  • Mailing List Support – Visitors to the site can sign up for unlimited mailing lists as decided upon by the site owner/manager.
  • Membership Management and Support – Complete Membership Management including subscriptions (auto-renewing or manual renewals). Customizable data fields for members. Customizable access to all areas of the web site controlled on a group basis (groups defined by the site owner/manager) by the site owner/manager. The site can be designated as “Open Enrollment”, allowing anyone to sign-up, or, require that the site owner/manager add new members to the site.
  • Event Registration / Ticket Sales – Complete Event Registration and Ticket Sales services including customizable ticket policies, delivery methods, purchasing limits and sale periods.
  • Credit Card Support – Credit Card acceptance for Membership Dues, Subscriptions and Event/Ticket Sales using your own credit card merchant account or MEI Technology Consulting Credit Card Acceptance services.
  • Calendar Support – Customizable Calendar with unlimited events and descriptions. Text Views including “Monthly”, “Weekly”, “Daily” as well as traditional “Month Format” views available.
  • Customizable Layout – Layouts, including color scheme and graphics are stored in .txt format and are able to be instantly applied to the site (i.e. – layouts tailored to seasons, events, etc. can be preloaded into the site and activated on a moment’s notice by the site owner/manager when necessary.
  • Searchable Membership Database – If turned “on”, this feature allows subscribed members to search for other members of the web site using customizable data fields designed/selected by the site owner/manager.
  • Message Boards – Multiple discussion threads, posts and groups can be designated by the site owner/manager. Optionally, all posts to message boards can be moderated/approved by the board administrator.
  • Random Pictures – Pictures tagged as “Eligible for Random” when added to the site appear Randomly on every screen changing with every click throughout the visitors session.
  • Search Capability – Full search capability encompassing every element including text and all supported file formats on the site is optionally available to visitors as designated by the site owner/manager. Search can be limited to specific groups of screens, as well as Titles, Subtitles and Descriptions.
  • What’s New – Automatic inclusion of items added to the site into the “What’s New” section which is optionally displayable by the site owner/manager.
  • Menu Positioning – Menu positioning is customizable as “Left”, “Right” or “Top” allowing for limitless variations on presentation of information maximizing what visitors to the site will see per page as well as maximizing ease of navigation. Note: “Top” menus use Java for menu drop-downs.
  • Download Capability – The site owner/manager designates, on a document-by-document basis (with inherited policies) whether or not attachments (pictures, audio files, etc) can be downloaded by visitors to the site.
  • Document Templates – Repetitive entries such as event listings can be semi-automated by the creation of Document Templates (by the site owner/manager) making the entry and maintenance of these listings fast, simple and 100% consistent. Template support includes automatic links to other web sites with the option of opening the links in the same browser or forcing the opening of a new browser to support the link.
  • Full Site Statistics provided by Webalizer.
  • Cross Promotion with all search engines.
  • Search Engine Optimization by use of customizable META Description and META Keywords Tags.

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