MEI custom formats each site to our client's own needs and desires. At MEI, there is no need to "map" out your entire site for us; our experienced designers can help you through the difficult process of laying out your site. All of our designs are original, which means that your site is just that... YOUR SITE. You will not see your graphics or designs on any other site.

MEI has been a leader in the internet design field for many years using the latest and greatest industry software. These applications, along with our top notch designers, can create spectacular results that will have your new customers impressed and informed.

The internet is the place where our customers realize their potential. Whether it's sales, information, or just web presence, MEI has been at the forefront of this medium for years.

From securing a domain name, to implementation of a sophisticated e-commerce site with complete automation, MEI has the solution.

MEI's arsenal of products includes web-sites specializing in e-commerce as well as dynamic information distribution systems. Feel free to explore our Web Application products or visit our Business Applications product page to find out about our Intranet products designed specifically for use in your business.

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